DSD’s 18th Annual Spring Performances

Where is it?

Diamond School of Dance’s Spring Performances are held at the beautiful and historic Eau Claire Regional Arts Center (State Theatre) in downtown Eau Claire. Address: 316 Eau Claire St.


Performances are held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 18,19 and 20.  You will receive an email with your dancer’s  dress rehearsal schedule (Dress rehearsal week is May 14-18 at the State Theatre).


Tickets are $12 each with children under the age of two FREE. Invite your family and friends to enjoy a spectacular performance starring YOUR dancer! Tickets are available for purchase through the State Theatre beginning on April 15th. Tickets may be purchased online (www.EauClaireArts.com), by phone (715-832-2787) or at the State Theatre offices Monday-Thursday 9:00 – 4:30 and until 7pm on Thursdays. The theatre box office will open one hour prior to the performance on the day of the show.


Dance recitals are a very memorable time for the dancers to proudly display all that they have worked hard on all season. These memories will last a lifetime! Flowers and refreshments will be sold in the lobby with proceeds supporting the Sophia Hope Scholarship.

Recital T-Shirts

You won’t want to miss out! Order your recital T-shirt beginning April 1st! Login to your studio account and visit the ONLINE STORE or stop by the front desk during studio office hours and our team is happy to assist. Recital T-shirts are $20 each and feature the recital theme design on the front and the entire cast of Diamond School of Dance students on the back! Recital T-shirt order forms and online orders are due by April 15th!

Professional DVD’s

Our performances are professionally filmed by Iconostar Productions. Order forms are available in the lobby of the theater on the day of the show or at the studio one week prior to the recital. NO videotaping or photography allowed during the recitals. You may take photos or video during dress rehearsal if you wish. Thank you!

Account Balances

Account Balances must be up to date, including past due tuition and costume fees. Dancers will not be allowed to participate in the performances if there is an outstanding balance on the account. Our customer care team is happy to assist! 


On the day of the PERFORMANCE

Dancers are to arrive at the State Theater one and one half hours before their performance time in their first costume. We will be rehearsing the Grand Finale (The final bow for all dancers in the show). Please meet on stage and sit with your class as soon as you arrive. Once we have run through the Grand Finale dancers will return to their assigned dressing rooms backstage until the show begins.

Dancers are NOT allowed to leave the backstage area during the performance for any reason. This is for your dancer’s safety to ensure all dancers are accounted for during the performance.

Parents are welcome to come backstage during the intermission to assist their dancer in changing costumes or to check on their dancer.

Please be sure to send a bottle of water with your child’s name labeled on it and a snack (peanut free) that would not stain their costume with your child. Names should be on all costumes, accessories, and dance shoes. We cannot guarantee the return of personal items left at the theatre.

PEANUT FREE: Please do not bring snacks containing peanuts to the theatre as a number of our dancers have severe peanut allergies. Thank you for protecting our dancers!

Backstage Volunteers

Our BACKSTAGE VOLUNTEERS are the parents who volunteer their time and energy to work with their child's classes or another class during the performance. Please consider helping this year!

It is not too early to sign up as a backstage volunteer. Please sign up at our front desk. Our office staff will be delighted to speak with you and place you with your child's class, or where you will be most helpful.

At Diamond School of Dance, the Recital is a very important memory in all of our lives, especially the children, complimenting all their hard work and dedication throughout the year. Our first and foremost priority is the safety and comfort of your children!

Thanks for making this performance a wonderful experience for the dancers!

Tights, Hair and Make-up

We sell professional dance tights in the proper colors. Tights are $8 for children’s footed tights and $16 for convertible adult tights. We also carry nude undergarments as underwear and bras should not be worn under costumes. Be sure to purchase yours early to prevent rushing at the last minute.

The studio will be open to purchase tights and shoes until May 11th after which we will be closed through the show for dress rehearsal week. Thank you!

Hair: ALL studio dancers will wear their hair in a high bun on top the head. Hair should be pulled back neatly and tightly and sprayed with plenty of hairspray to keep it in place and prevent wispy hairs.


It is very important to wear stage make-up for recitals. The very bright stage lights will wash out your dancer’s features. Make-up will be applied quite a bit heavier and darker than you normally would. It is important for ALL dancers to wear stage make-up.

Start with a foundation that is slightly darker than normal (the stage lights will wash out your skin tone) Apply a rosy blush and blend well.

Use a lipstick color a few shades darker than your natural lip color.

Applying Eye Makeup:

Put a neutral-colored eye shadow such as tan on each eyelid and right underneath each eyebrow. Add a darker color eye shadow such as cocoa to the space in between. Blend both colors. Apply black eyeliner to both the top and bottom eyelids. Extend the eyeliner about a 1/2 inch beyond the outer corner of each eye. This helps the eyes appear larger. Next apply two coats of black mascara after applying eye shadow and eyeliner. We highly recommend wearing false eyelashes for ages 7 and up which we also studio. Ask our office staff and we will be happy to assist!

Please Note: No nail polish, tattoos or jewelry will be allowed. Thank you!


1. Put your hair in a ponytail. Please note, where you position the pony tail will determine your bun’s final position, so keep it to a high pony tail to create a very high bun! (Bun should be directly above the ears on top the head).

2. Thread your ponytail through the middle of the doughnut.

3. Once this is done, find the middle of your ponytail from the hair that has been pulled through the doughnut. Smooth the hair around the whole of the doughnut, so it is neatly covering the whole of the doughnut.

4. With one hand on the center of your bun (to keep the main shape in place), begin to wind the remaining hair around the doughnut in a circular motion.

5. As you wrap it around you will find it naturally tucks under the doughnut, so you can keep winding it around making it tighter. Make sure the doughnut is still fully covered.

6. Then use a hair tie, bobby pins, hair net and hairspray to hold the wrapped around hair under the doughnut. Just slide them do any hair sticking out. This will keep the hair strong and neat.

We are blessed to work with your children every week. Sit back and enjoy the show!

 Miss Alicia Knopps and the DSD Team